Our Home Our Puppy Training Facility

in home training

We are located in Blenheim, Ontario.  A lively and friendly community located in southern Chatham-Kent, a short distance from the shores of Lake Erie.  

Your puppy will receive all the love and support they need to thrive in a safe and stimulating environment!   

large fenced in area for puppy imprinting program

There is plenty of room to romp, learn and practice in a clean safe and secured environment.  

on our favorite puppy imprinting outing

We go on weekly outings to learn about the world.  With the beach just 10 minutes away, we go often to explore natures wonders.

in home training

Along with Nica, our puppy training is done in the heart of our home.   

in home training

Your puppy will be exposed to everyday living and more while participating in our puppy imprinting program!   

Serving all of Ontario! Puppy Imprint Training by the best!

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