Our Most Recent Guests


“Upon hearing that our new puppy would be going to work with me, Diane Elliott at Goldendoodles of Niagara recommended that we send our new puppy to Lynda for puppy imprinting.   This might have been one of the best pieces of advice we have ever received.  

Bosco stayed with Lynda for 3 weeks and has given him a wonderful start to being a well behaved and well adjusted member of our family.   He is house trained and rings his bell with authority when he needs to go outside (he also gives it a gentle ring when he wants to go out to play).   He sleeps through the night – usually 9-10 hours! – and is fine with going for a nap in his crate at work.  His recall is better at 11 weeks then any dog I have ever had – he comes flying at me and I can tell how proud of himself when he does it! 

I can definitely tell that Lynda, Jamie and Nica spent a lot of time taking Bosco out to meet all different people and see all kinds of places as he absolutely loves riding in my truck and has no fear of any place that we have visited.  Lynda has also done a great job of training me on how to continue Bosco’s training.   The manuals, emails, phone calls, pictures and demo videos were a real blessing in getting us ready for Bosco’s arrival at home. 

Everyone who meets our puppy has been very impressed by him. Thanks for everything Lynda!” Beth and Bosco

Bowie's Puppy Imprinting Program

"Lynda has been an incredible source of support for us. Our eight week old puppy, Bowie, spent three weeks with Lynda. Lynda provided Bowie with a wonderful start. Bowie came how to us with excellent socialization skills, perfectly house broken, he knew all his basic commands. We received photo/video updates almost daily of Bowie's progress. Lynda's support did not end once Bowie came home to us. We were new dog owners and Lynda was and still is a constant source of support for us. The email and phone call follow-ups have helped keep us on track with Bowie's continued training and support. We are very grateful to have found Lynda!" Bryanne, Bowie and family! 

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"I highly recommend Lynda O’Neill at Confident Canines.  Having trained many puppies through the years, I was very hesitant to have someone else do this very time consuming and very critical job for me.  

I am the owner of Goldendoodles of Niagara.  I knew I wanted to keep a puppy from my May litter.  My problem was that I had two litters that I was working with to get ready to go to their homes.  I just didn’t have the time to train this puppy.  

I turned to Lynda and put my Sophie in the imprinting program for 5 weeks.  It was money well spent.  Although I was thrilled with all of the pictures and videos that I received through Sophie’s progression, I was more pleased with the amazing puppy that came back to me after 5 weeks.  Sophie’s recall is fabulous.  I can have her off leash and with one “Sophie Come”, she is running to me without distraction.  If I dare say “Hurry Hurry”, she kicks it into 4th gear and just flies to me and sits right in front of me.  Of course, she sits, lays down and goes into her crate without a fuss.  She rings her Poochie Bells firmly and sits there looking for me to open the door for her potty.  She never misses!  

Although I know she comes from beautiful bloodlines, the imprinting has enhanced her amazing personality.  She is a dream dog.  It is a huge compliment to Lynda for me to say “I couldn’t have done a better job myself”    Diane Elliott of Goldendoodles of Niagara


a guest in our puppy imprinting program

“We brought our Goldendoodle puppy, Parker to Lynda when he was 8 weeks old. He stayed with her for 2 weeks. In that short time Parker learned so much including, sit, down, stand, drop it, ring the bell, four on the floor, emergency recall and loose leash training.  As well, Parker is off to a great start with house and crate training. 

Lynda' s amazing nanny dog Nica, was instrumental in socializing Parker and seeing them play together was quite endearing to watch!  Lynda provided many other opportunities for socialization including taking Parker to an outside Plant and Bake sale, grocery stores, a children’s Youth Center and an outing to the beach. Parker loved meeting new people and used his manners!  

Lynda was always available to answer our many questions and emails. She is a wealth of information and expertise regarding puppy growth and development. She provided us with numerous articles and reference materials. Lynda sent regular updates, video clips and photos to capture Parker’s progress. Also reassuring is that we can continue to use her as a “lifeline” after Parker’s stay. 

We could see the love and passion that Lynda has for what she does. We were very fortunate that Lynda, Jamie and Nica were part of the very important stage of Parker’s life. Lynda is truly the “dog Whisperer”! The Manicat-Emo Family and Parker! 

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"We were a bit apprehensive about getting a puppy but the house felt so empty since our dog passed over a year ago.  I wasn’t sure I could deal with training a puppy; I just got my last child out of diapers. When I heard about Lynda’s Imprinting Program I thought it would be a great solution to get a step ahead on life with a puppy. 

Lynda picked up our Bernedoodle directly from the breeder. He stayed with her for 3.5 weeks. In those three weeks Lynda managed to mold a sweet, calm and well mannered puppy. He is potty trained and spends his nights in his crate. He’s been with us for two weeks, and he’s never once jumped up to greet anyone, he greets by sitting down and waiting for some love.  

We are happy how Figo smoothly transitioned into our home. Lynda made sure we had all the tools we needed to make that happen. We are now attending puppy class with Figo and he is by far the youngest puppy and hands-down the most well- behaved. He is our gentle giant. 

Lynda is always a phone call or email away. We have touched base a few times on questions I’ve had and she has been super helpful. I would 1 million times over recommend Lynda! It was clear with her biweekly updates that Figo was in good hands and well loved. I have to also thank Lynda’s dog Nica a.k.a. the Nanny. Lynda has trained her beautifully. Nica played with Figo, and showed him how to play nicely. So important when you are going to grow up to be 80 plus pound dog”. Sandy, Mark, Figo and Family!

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

“Smudge came into my life, at the best time for me emotionally, but the wrong time, in my day-to-day life.  Lynda took him for 5 weeks, during Christmas holidays (we had vacation plans). During those 5 weeks, not only was Smudge potty trained, he learned to ring his bells to go outside.  He learned to sit, lay down and emergency recall.  He began learning how to walk on a leash without pulling.  He learned not to use his mouth on us, or to jump or climb on us.  He learned he only gets to come on the sofa, when invited.  He learned to sleep all night in his crate and to take naps in his crate during the day.  

The day he came home, we were sick with the flu.  I thought I had made a huge mistake in taking on the responsibility of a dog, but Lynda was there for me on the phone, reassuring me that I could handle this. She made all the difference!!  4 weeks later, I have a reasonably well behaved dog (he is still a puppy!!!) that has assimilated well into our lives.  Just yesterday, while I was sitting on the couch with Smudge at my feet, I truly felt that this had been the right decision for me.  

I would recommend Lynda’s training program to anyone who is thinking of using her.  She is kind, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable about dogs and dog training and cares about both Smudge’s and my well-being.  I can’t thank her enough!!”  Taea and Smudge

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"We picked up Maverick at 9 weeks old after 1 week of training with Lynda from Confident Canines. Lynda is truly amazing. Not only is she a great trainer, but she is always available to answer any questions we have promptly, provides pictures and videos of the puppies' training/progress, provides good reference material and continues to follow up with us even after we picked up Maverick. The training that Maverick got in 1 week has made his transition at our house unbelievably smooth. Maverick is well on his way with housebreaking, goes into his crate by himself when he is tired, sleeps through the night from the first night at home and responds well to basic commands. Maverick is so loving and well behaved. We highly recommend Lynda's puppy imprinting program at Confident Canines. We are so glad we did it"  The Chan Family​

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

​"We highly recommend Lynda’s Puppy Imprinting Service. We are so happy with our Bessy. From day one she was sleeping in her crate through the nights, easily following commands like sit, down, emergency recall, go potty, and going to the door when wanting to eliminate. Bessy spent two weeks with Lynda, Jamie, and Nica and we couldn’t be happier. During that time Lynda also associated Bessy with other dogs, cats, people, children, babies and brought her into different environments. We would get updates twice a week about what they’ve done, where they went, what they learned as well as plenty of adorable photos and videos. Bessy was a joy to bring home and is still eager to learn every day. Thank you so much!Angela, Alex, and Bessy

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"If you are looking for an easy transition to bring your new puppy home...this is your perfect solution!

We are thrilled with our 12 week old puppy, Murphy. We took him directly from the breeder to Lynda and left him at her house for 4 weeks. Murphy has been a complete pleasure to bring home. He has slept in his crate each night and goes to the door when he needs to go out, he is gentle and loving (gives the nicest puppy kisses ever) and just wants to be near us. He is calm in the house and when loose in the backyard he runs and plays! He walks well on his leash and responds to all the basic commands. (Sit, down, wait, on your mat, off, go potty, calm in the crate, and oops when he misbehaves.) We are so IMPRESSED that he willingly sits for everything. When we come to a stop on our walks, he sits. He is so happy to please us and is so well socialized with other dogs, children and everyone he meets. He loves car rides and is like a movie star and draws attention wherever we go!! It is obvious that Lynda, Jamie and Nica (Murphy’s step brother) had such a positive impact on shaping his behaviours to be the best pup he can be! During those 4 weeks we were updated with biweekly updates and videos of our boys progress.  We would highly recommend Lynda and her Puppy Imprinting Program to train your puppy!" Charlene, Michael and Murphy

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"I would really like to thank you and Jamie for giving Ziggy a loving home, until we were able to, and giving us such a head start in training her.  She is so calm and sweet and eager to please.  She confidently greets most people while we are out and about.  

It is so much easier to adore her when we have had no accidents in the house and she has slept through the night since day one!"  Michele and Ziggy

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"We would highly recommend Lynda and the Puppy Imprinting Program she offers.  As a mother of 3 and never owning a dog, I felt overwhelmed by the idea of training a new puppy.  I spoke to Lynda who runs the imprinting program and found her extremely knowledgeable and confident.  Her weekly updates, videos and telephone chats were incredible.

Chestnut came into our home with great manners and fully crate trained. Lynda has continued to stay involved with us and providing invaluable advice.  We did the 4 week program and it was a great investment.  Thank you Lynda!" The Chamie family

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"Benji spent 2 plus weeks with Lynda, in that short time she taught him so much. With weekly pictures, videos and updates we were sent, to the endless emails back and forth with all our questions, Lynda truly showed how passionate and knowledgeable she is about the puppies she works with.  Benji has learned the basic sit, stay, down, emergency recall, ringing the bell, and so much more. He is so good with other dogs ( big thanks goes to Nica, she is truly amazing) and great with people. A calm and well mannered puppy thanks to Lynda. Benji's transition home was an easy one and Lynda gave us lots of pet training info and tips to be able to give Benji the best start possible. Even after we brought Benji home, Lynda has always been there for any questions we have. Benji is an amazing boy and doing so well integrating into our family all thanks to the great program Lynda has in place. We strongly recommend Lynda and Confident Canines Puppy Imprinting Service"  Guy, Michelle, Benjamin and Family!

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"We all just want to thank you, Jamie and Nica for a wonderful start to Karma's life! His 4 weeks with you delivered as promised. He is kind, confident and wants to please. He learned to sit, lie down, stand, stay, watch me and emergency recall. He learned how to ring a bell to go potty and how to have a soft mouth so he doesn't hurt people with his needle teeth! He's getting a handle on leash walking and enjoys going to the beach especially! He loves the water and he loves meeting people and other doggies. He's not afraid of normal sights and sounds. He loves his crate and heads there at nap time without prompting! He wears his harness and loves playing and cuddle time.
You kept us informed with pictures and videos of Karma's progress and took the stress out of our puppy process. You've also given us clear instructions for his successful transition to his forever home and you've been accessible for follow up and questions (of which there are lots!).  I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who is considering adopting a puppy. You have a lovely (and spotless) home and you were warm and welcoming when we wanted to come for family visits from Toronto".   Love Karma, Saara and Greg

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

 Millie  spent 7 weeks with Lynda.  Being first time dog owners and having a child with special needs, we knew we needed a gentle, well-behaved, and patient dog.  Lynda was involved early in our process, connecting us with our breeder and even helping to select our puppy to find the right fit.  Being from Ottawa, we were not able to meet Millie until we came to bring her home.  Lynda and Jamie went above and beyond to make that easier. They were always available to answer our questions and sent us lots of pictures and videos of her progress.  They take pups into town to visit with the community and have plenty of puppy play dates for good socialization. Big sister Nica watches over the pups in the program and teaches them good doggie manners and how to have fun too.

Millie is wonderful, calm, girl who is very well-behaved.  We get comments all the time about how good she is.  Millie came home bell trained, sleeping through the night in her crate, and with the commands “Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Leave it, Drop it, Back Up, Come, and On your mat” all firmly in hand.  She is already walking very nicely with lots of loose leash time and greets other dogs so politely!  She has a very soft mouth and is quickly redirected from any “oops” moments, which was of utmost importance to us.   You can tell Lynda truly wants the best for the dogs in her care. She was in tune with the fact that Millie was sad when her sister went home, and was able to adjust her training accordingly.  She has a great facility, is very patient, uses progressive training methods, and has progressive views on animal health.  We would highly recommend Lynda to others looking for a good puppy imprinting program"  Emily, Steve, Oliver and Millie

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"Lynda knew I was a first-time dog owner and really took her time to explain everything and help me through preparations for all that comes with getting a new puppy. Even before I had selected my dog, Lynda helped guide me with selecting further pet training programs, daycare, pet food and supplies and veterinary care. She took so much stress away from reviewing the overwhelming amounts of information online and ensured my puppy would be ready to settle in at home when the time came. 

Before Dexter transitioned from the breeder to Lynda, he was highly sensitive to noise and would cower behind people when he was startled. I live in a busy city, and Lynda managed to condition him to stimuli so much that the transition was almost seamless (despite the sirens and other loud noises that come with living in Toronto)! Everyone we meet cannot believe he is so well behaved at only 12 weeks old. I wish I could take the credit, but I owe so much to Lynda and Jamie for setting up my puppy for success. I cannot recommend their Puppy Imprinting Services enough!"- Felicity and Dexter​

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"I cannot praise Lynda and Jamie of Confident Canines enough. My Daisy went directly to them from the breeders and in four short weeks they did wonders for her. She came home confident and well mannered with excellent manners. 

It really takes a team to raise a puppy and I am thrilled that Confident Canines were there at the start for my dog. No hesitation in recommending Lynda's Puppy Imprinting Program to any dog owners! " Chris, Nick, Charlotte and Daisy May

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"We sent our Bernedoodle pup to Lynda at Confident Canines on Dec 22 for 2 weeks.  I can’t even begin to tell you the level of service you receive from Lynda.  We had not met our pup, he went there straight from the breeders.  She kept me informed of everything he was doing, the progress he was making, all of the outings they brought him on, other dogs he was meeting, people they went to visit.  I received many videos and pictures and great information. It was such peace of mind knowing my pup was in great hands and I was part of his progress along the way. 
King is such an amazing dog.  He is smart and he listens.  He already sits, stays in down position, plays, he comes when called. His “potty skills are great!  He only had 2 accidents in the house, but this was his first day home.  Lynda puts in so much time training the dogs.  The best part was the constant communication between us. Since King has been home, I have telephoned her with questions and sent emails back and forth with his progress.  Lynda truly cares about the progress of your dog. Thank you Lynda for all your help!!  King is progressing beautifully with all your pet training recommendations".  Lucy,  Frank and King Floyd.

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"JoJo came home last week after spending six weeks in Lynda's Puppy Imprinting Program. Her transition has been incredible. She knows the basic and the most important commands: Come, Stay/Wait and sit. She also knows "good potty." She is so well behaved and goes into her crate when asked. She's conditioned to car rides, people, noises, walking on the leash and playing with other dogs. She's an angel. 
This is the second time we've worked with Lynda. The first was two years ago with JoJo's sister LuLu -- who is perfect in every way and the most popular dog on the college campus she visits daily!  Thank you Lynda (Jamie, Nica and Chip)"  The Dennisons ​(see LuLu on What Others Say About Lynda page)

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"We are so pleased with the imprint training our puppy, Bernie, received from Lynda & Jamie! You can tell the dogs loved being with Lynda & Jamie. 

Lynda uses positive reinforcement techniques and over the 4 weeks that our Bernie was with them, he learned so much we are amazed! It has been a fantastic transition thus far from her place to our home. 

Lynda provides detail instructions, a manual to follow along, weekly emails with updates/videos & pictures etc. Lynda has been and continues to be exceptional at handling any questions we have. We highly recommend Confident Canines Puppy Imprinting Service!!" Shelley, Dane and Bernie​