What Others Say About Lynda and her Imprint Program

Lynda O'Neill and her side kick Nica

"Lynda O’Neill, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT graduated the Canine Correspondence Studies program as a Professional, Certified Dog Trainer/Behaviour Therapist in 2003.  She then opened Confident Canines and ran this thriving dog training facility in Kitchener until moving to Brussels in 2012 where she has become one of the most highly respected puppy imprinters in Ontario. Lynda is a qualified and experienced trainer who has earned the trust and respect of the dogs, her clients and colleagues.  I am but one of many trainers who will be referring clients to Lynda  for her Puppy Imprinting Program with confidence." Norma Jeanne Laurette; Canine Correspondence Studies, ACTT – Applied Canine Therapy & Training/Norma Jeanne’s Dog Training, Founder & Chair of IPDTA – International Positive Dog Training Association 


"Lynda was just fantastic with Guinness.  He went straight from the breeder, at 8 weeks, to Lynda for 3 weeks of puppy training.  When we came to pick him up we found a happy, calm (yes calm), well-mannered and well trained puppy.  From an uneventful 2 hour ride home Guinness arrived at his new house and headed for the back door to be let out.  At night he went happily in to his crate at 11pm and we did not hear a peep out of him until we went to get him around 7 the next morning.  Day 2 saw Guinness meeting and playing with the neighborhood kids and dogs, absolutely 0 issues.  It is now almost 3 months later and we have not looked back.  Thank you Lynda!"  George and Guinness 

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"Joey spent 3 weeks with Lynda and our first night home, Joey slept through the night and was such a good boy! He didn't get car sick and so far no accidents.  We had some great play time and cuddles.  He ate his supper and relieved himself in his outdoor pen.  He loves to come right into my lap and cuddle and he has taken to sitting on my feet when we're standing next to him.  On day 2 we had another successful night and today, I just woke him up from 3 hours in the crate.  No messes and so far no accidents in the house!  He's taken to licking the window when wanting to go out, so we are going to set up a bell soon and hopefully train him to that. Joey is a very happy boy!  He's prancing around the house and he loves his toy box and his crate.  We took him to the Vet and he was a "model citizen" according to our Vet!  Joey is walking happily for short distances on the street and he's had play dates with two Cockapoos!   He's such a good boy and I hope we can continue to do your training justice!  We will absolutely recommend your Puppy Imprinting Program.  We are so happy with him and the service we received.”  Sarah and Joey 

"I’ve known Lynda as a fellow trainer for many years.  Her compassion and knowledge are second to none.  I have visited her home when she’s been imprinting puppies and was really impressed by the efforts she goes to.   She gives these puppies a wonderful start in life and treats them as she would her own.  She provides a very clean, loving, affectionate and stimulating environment. All the puppies I met were very far along in their training, even though they were such a young age.  The puppies are given many socialization opportunities with both people and other dogs.  Lynda sends weekly email updates and videos to clients so they can see their puppy in action.  She welcomes clients to visit and is available for follow-up advice after the puppy goes home.  I can’t say enough about her dog training skills!  When socializing and training doesn’t always fit into a busy lifestyle, I always recommend Lynda and her Puppy Imprinting Program." Sue Plouffe - Perfect Pups Dog Training 


"Pooka spent one month with Lynda when she was 8 weeks old. During that time she learned all her basic commands, as well Lynda started her on walking on a leash, house-breaking and crate training. In addition, Lynda spent a great deal of time on socialization. Lynda took Pooka for car rides, she went to the beach, a street fair, and she was exposed to lots of people and dogs. This pet training, was all done with positive reinforcement.  We could not have been happier with what Lynda accomplished in a short period of time. We will be forever grateful for the excellent start that Lynda gave Pooka in her life".  David  and Pooka 

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

"Lynda did a fabulous job training and socializing Bhalu in his early days.  He is a wonderful puppy now 9 months old and delightful member of our family.  He travelled in the car all the way home from southwest Florida this spring without a whimper or any jumping around.  He is not an assertive male so combined with her socialization and training, Bhalu deals well with dogs of all ages and sizes.  He learns quickly and other than the rare juvenile burst of “I am not going to listen right now” as he burns off some excess energy, he is well -behaved and responsive to the gentle training Lynda taught us.  Bhalu was house trained at 12 weeks with no remissions and has been off-leash where it is safe since that time as well.  We could not of ask for a happier well-adjusted dog.  Lynda’s pet training approach was spot-on for Bhalu and it has  continued for us as we work with him.  Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful puppy."  Pat, Richard and Bhalu.  

"Lynda has brought her imprinting puppies to a few of my socialization classes and it is clearly evident how well she connects with them and how much she enjoys working with them. Despite how trying young puppies can be at times, Lynda always maintains a calm disposition and remains patient and consistent with them.  You can see from her videos how much of a difference her training makes for the puppies within a few short weeks, and the end product is a confident, well-mannered puppy who has a great start to basic obedience, housebreaking and crate training." Samantha DeJong, B.Sc, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT  Puppy Power Dog Training 

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

“Joe was with Lynda for 12 weeks prior to arriving at our home in Arizona. We couldn't be more pleased with the overall experience and would definitely plan to have her train any dog we add to our family in the future.  My husband and I both work so the idea of taking on and training properly an 8 week old puppy was unrealistic.  Lynda picked up the dog from the breeder and spent 12 week with our new puppy.  Joe arrived as a calm, happy, well socialized and potty trained puppy.   Joe, from the moment he arrived, slept through the night, walked on a leash, and followed basic commands, which included sit, stay, "go to mat", and "drop it." He was well mannered with our 2 older dogs, which I'm sure was a result of Lynda socializing him with a variety of dogs, both young and older.  We really enjoyed  Lynda's (at least) weekly communications which included not only updates, photos, and videos (which we loved), but also training manuals, equipment suggestions (toys and leash), and feeding tips.  They were quite informative and also provided a bonding experience for us as we saw Joe grow and progress. She sent detailed training DVDs which were extremely helpful in training us.  Fantastic experience; great outcome; would do it again!  Thank You!”  Mari and Joe 

a guest in our puppy imprinting program

“Working with Lynda O'Neill was a piece of cake. I would like to think we have the smartest dog in the world but the rational person in me knows that it was the training Lynda provided that set LuLu on her way. She spent 5 weeks with Lynda and I would say the most important thing we learned was to enjoy the learning process -- something I hadn't thought of, but something Lynda really believes in. Lynda makes sure that the forever families understand how to keep training enjoyable because the learning doesn't just end when the puppy departs the O'Neill home. Lynda continually prepped us along the way and provided weekly detailed updates with pictures and videos. We understood the "why's" of doing things, how to do them and how to properly acknowledge good and bad behavior. Lynda even took the time at pickup, to forewarn me of the tests the puppy would put us through as she reached various maturity milestones and gave me tips how to handle them. LuLu will be one next week and we still connect with Lynda who checks in regularly to see how things are going.  I would say that Lynda spends as much effort training the owner as the puppy. She ensures consistency all the way around.  Lulu was housebroken, walking on a leash, sleeping through the night, crate-trained, exposure to pools, slides, children, sporting events, large crowds, car rides, sit, stay, being with other dogs and Lulu even learned a few tricks which she still performs for us today.”   The Dennison Family and Lulu - Lynda would go on to also train Jo Jo for us.  (see JoJo's review on Recent Guest page) 

"I have known Lynda O'Neill for many many years. Lynda is one of the most compassionate and patient dog trainers I have worked with.  Puppies in her imprinting program learn far faster, are more socialized and more well behaved.  Lynda spends countless hours with every puppy, making sure they learn and are exposed to as much as possible in this most important stage of their lives.  Lynda also encouraged me to start a Puppy Imprinting Program of my own.  Seeing the difference in how fast they excel in the Imprinting Program verses just going to a puppy class is incredible! Over the years, we have shared ideas, had countless puppy parties, and helped each other with getting the puppies ready for their forever homes. Lynda has proven that using scientific positive force free training techniques are the best way to teach your puppy.  I encourage anyone thinking of getting a puppy, to seriously consider her Puppy Imprinting Program.  Just think, no sleepless nights!  Why not take home a well trained puppy!"   Kelly Dearlove CTB.ccs  Puppy Imprinter/Certified Groomer  On Golden Paws Dog Training 


“Daisy, our small Goldendoodle, spent 3 weeks with Lynda O`Neill.  Daisy learned many basic, necessary skills and when she came to us, she was a happy, confident puppy that was nicely trained.  She learned toilet training, excellent socialization skills, a number of games and some basic obedience.  She had good etiquette around her food bowl, and learned a good over-all daily routine.  She was content in her crate, and was learning to” listen”.  She loves to retrieve a toy if we throw one, and will proudly return it while high stepping. She pays no attention to the vacuum cleaner sound when I turn it on.  Lynda introduced her to vacuum, so she would not be afraid of it.  We feel that Lynda’s training was a great asset for Daisy and for us. It is the first time we have tried puppy training for a new puppy and it had been wonderfully successful!”   Kevin, Sandy and Daisy