What is Puppy Imprinting?

Confident Canines Puppy Imprinting Service is an elite starter program for puppies 8-10 weeks of age.   You choose your puppy, enroll in my Puppy Training Program, and  I will work one-on-one with you, to train your puppy for you! 

The most difficult adjustment, when getting a new puppy, is implementing a successful house and crate training schedule and ensuring the puppy is consistently learning good manners. Training a puppy, can take weeks of commitment and perseverance to achieve.  

With my program, you do not need to worry whether or not you are doing it right.  Having taught puppy classes since 2003, I have coached over a thousand families, with all breeds of puppies.   Puppies are my specialty!

THE RESULTS!  My board and train program promises, you take home a well socialized, well mannered, pre-trained puppy who understands and appreciates household rules and boundaries.  

For continued success at home, you are supplied with behavior handouts, manuals and videos. You will receive lifetime phone and email support to ensure the transition to your home continues as smoothly as possible. 

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I Will Teach Your Puppy All The Important Life Skills!

in business since 2003

My name is Lynda O'Neill CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT.  I have earned certification as a Dog Trainer / Behavior Therapist and have proudly owned and operated Confident Canines in Ontario, Canada since 2003. I am a dedicated force free, reward based dog trainer and I do not endorse any tools or techniques that could potentially harm a dog's personality or temperament.  My passion is puppies and preventing behavior problems through proper puppy training and socialization right from the start! 

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"Do you need an easy transition to bring your new puppy home...Lynda's puppy imprinting program is your perfect solution!"  Charlene and Murphy

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Proper socialization and safe, positive exposure to as many people, places and things as possible, requires immediate attention during a puppies first few months of life. Just like children, puppies go through critical developmental stages, and special concern needs to be taken during these various stages. 

The key to creating a socially self-confident, well mannered puppy, is to spend an enormous amount of time,  safely exposing your puppy to as much as possible during the puppy imprinting period.

Participating in my puppy training program, involves spending hours each and every day, training and socializing  in various safe and stimulating environments!  

Murphy's 4 Week Imprinting Program

Watch Murphy's progressive video to see some of the things we do in a day, in a week, in a month.  

My Puppy Imprinting Program is positive, using force free methods only!  


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There's much to see here.  Please take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our Puppy Imprinting Service.  View our Recent Guests page to read current reviews about our puppy training program!

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